About GrowthBoard Team

Our Story

Nobody really remembers who and how said the phrase “We will never teach them to test hypotheses.” Four Moscow guys had a challenge in newly created IT-incubator to help 15 startups find their product-market fit. Inspired by the ideas of The Lean Startup and Customer Development, we held weekly meetings where we discussed the importance of hypotheses testing, but to be honest, too few teams came back in a week or two with truly correctly tested ideas. They formulated hypotheses as regular tasks, and the result was measured based on feelings and fantasies, not on data.

Then we realized how serious this problem is, how much time and resources it takes for startups, and decided to try to find a way to help them move faster, by simplifying the process of hypotheses testing.

Of course, to find a solution, we acted in the framework of The Lean Startup methodology and had dozens of pivots. And finally, we found the reason why it was so difficult to run the Build-Measure-Learn cycle. The most significant problem was at the Measure stage. 72% of respondents stated that data collection for each hypothesis is too routine. One of our respondents said:

“Look, to find and have a look at analytical data for the hypothesis, I spend about 10 min. Of course, I always wonder what's new on this hypothesis, so I check in several times while testing it. That means, data collection for one hypothesis takes at least 30 minutes. I'm trying to test at least 6-8 hypotheses, so I spend more than 4 hours a week on measuring our success. And this is prohibitively a lot of time. I would test another hypothesis. I wish I could attach the data to every task and spend no more than 10 seconds on that.”

When we heard about 10 seconds, we thought this was impossible. But we made it. You don’t need more than that to connect data to your tasks in Trello. You type what metric you need and link it right away.

Our mission

Today, a massive amount of user activity data is being collected and stored. Data noise gives marketers a headache. However, the gap between data and real marketing tasks is enormous.

Our mission is to help marketing teams, startups, digital agencies, growth hackers and growth teams base their work processes on data, not feelings or fantasies. We’ll improve their operations no matter where they work (Trello, Jira, etc.), as well as offer them our data-driven task manager.

After all, if data collection takes a few minutes instead of several hours, then you can test much more hypotheses, and conquer the world quicker :)


Yuri Drogan


Yuri knows everything about the startup management from all angles. He’s created several successful businesses related to marketing, SEO, and CRM systems. Invested in startups at the seed stage. Established one private and one public incubator. Now he’s back inside of a startup and happy to create a company that will save marketers around the globe from their daily routine and will make them more efficient. He also runs author’s two-day courses about growth hypotheses testing in Moscow.

Arseny Stefanov 


Arseny started his career as an affiliate marketer in 2014 and has been working with dozens of international partners such as Alibaba and Yandex since then. He’s also created some businesses mainly in dropshipping and marketing fields, and joined GrowthBoard company a year ago.

Andrey Novoselov 


Andrey is our code guru. In the past, he worked for companies that were developing marketing and CRM systems. Now he plays a role of the Scrum Master in the GrowthBoard team and is continuously working on improving our service.

Alexey Ermolaev 

Web Developer

Alexey is a perfect coder, who'd been playing a crucial role in developing marketing and CRM systems along with Andrey before joining this startup. Here, he functions as a Full Stack Web Developer, who passionately works at all stages of software development.