Step 1. Segment Your Growth


The first and easy step in the way of conscious growth management is to group your marketing tasks and experiments under customer life stages using AAARRR funnel. Let’s see how it works:

Awareness: Users come to your site.

Awareness tasks and experiments are focused on making your prospects to know your business as a potential solution to their needs. Add this label to all cards, related to organic traffic (Google, Bing), paid traffic (Facebook Ads, Adwords, Display channel, etc.), or traffic from partner websites.

Acquisition: Users sign up and leave their personal info.

Cards tagged ‘Acquisition’ represent tasks that are oriented towards making visitors to become leads. This label is for tasks and experiments, working on Conversion Rate optimization, lead-magnets, webinars, chat widgets, newsletter subscriptions, promotions, and similar things.

Activation: Users have a great first experience.

Activation comes in when you're trying to make your users try out your product and to awaken the "aha-moment" as soon as possible. Work on: user-experience, feature adoption, onboarding, and anything that helps users to understand the value of your product.

Retention: Users keep coming back.

It is about all experiments that make your users ‘stick’ to your product or service. Mainly customer lifecycle marketing, email marketing, retargeting, and customer success.

Referral: Users tell their friends.

Referral experiments are focused on making your users to share the product with others. Tasks are, for example: creating a community, or referral program implementation and experimenting with it.

Revenue: Users are monetized.

As the title suggests, this stage is all about making more people to pay or to pay more. You could have some experiments, related to shopping cart abandonment, checkout flow, UX, sales, etc.

How Growth-focused are you? Let's check this out now. Try attaching labels to every card on the board by their stages of the funnel. If the card is not related to any of these stages, choose Hustling.

Now tell by eye, what percentage of your experiments are tagged, that is, are responsible for the Growth? How evenly do you allocate your efforts among all stages of the funnel?