Google Analytics: Web


Let’s see just a few examples showing how you can use GrowthBoard & Google Web Analytics in your upgraded data-driven workflow:


Search for various UTM tags from Google Analytics to experiment with traffic sources. You can do this by simply typing their keywords, which is even faster than using Google’s official web interface. 


Keep tracking your goals’ Conversion Rate, Count or Value in the same way. 


Monitor your pages’ views - whether you create a new article on your domain or update your FAQ section, for example. 

Funnel of goals

Or build a funnel of your Google Analytics goals to find and optimize a way for new users to get to the product’s “aha moment” as quickly as possible. 

P.S. We also highly recommend you take a look at our complete guide where you can find interesting use-cases and valuable Growth Hacks for every stage of the customer funnel.

And yet, go ahead and try attaching your own data from Google Web Analytics to experiments! You can easily achieve a true data-driven workflow by settling into this habit, and a rapid growth of your business will become something usual.