Google Analytics: Mobile


Let’s see just a few examples showing how you can use GrowthBoard & Google Mobile Analytics in your upgraded data-driven workflow:

Screens & Events

Track changes in the number of screen views by entering this keyword: 


Measure the changes in conversion rate of the funnel by compiling it from your Events that you have set up in Google Analytics, and separating them with the word 'then'. 

Conversions & Goals

And track specific goals completions and their actual conversion rate this way: 

P.S. We also highly recommend you take a look at our complete guide where you can find interesting use-cases and valuable Growth Hacks for every stage of the customer funnel.

And yet, go ahead and try attaching your own data from Google Mobile Analytics to experiments! You can easily achieve a true data-driven workflow by settling into this habit, and a rapid growth of your business will become something usual.