Google Analytics: Ecommerce


Let’s see just a few examples showing how you can use GrowthBoard & Google Ecommerce Analytics in your upgraded data-driven workflow:

Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Try tracking the transactions/sessions ratio by typing Ecommerce Conversion Rate in the search field. 


You can also monitor your Revenue with this keyword: 

 as well as the increase or decrease in sales happening on the first day 

 and how much you’ve earned because of the specific coupon 

Product Revenue

Keep track of the particular product revenue by specifying this metric and the required product category. 

P.S. We also highly recommend you take a look at our complete guide where you can find interesting use-cases and valuable Growth Hacks for every stage of the customer funnel.

And yet, go ahead and try attaching your own data from Google Ecommerce Analytics to experiments! You can easily achieve a true data-driven workflow by settling into this habit, and a rapid growth of your business will become something usual.