Grow your company 40% faster starting next week by embeding Growth Hacking right into your workflow

GrowthBoard is a Trello extension that lets you run more insightful experiments every week by making your workflow truly based on data

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0. Enable GrowthBoard in Trello marketplace
1. Set up your Trello board for experiments
Create a new board with lists designed specifically for managing the experimentation process. You can copy the board using this link


Write down all growth ideas that come to mind in the first list


Prioritize your ideas by answering qualitative questions


Experiments the team is working on right now are on this list


Connect metrics and track the actual impact of the experiments


Did you reach the goal? Specify the conclusions and leave the experiment here


Didn't reach the goal? Specify the reason and move the experiment to this column
2. Specify the qualitative data of the experiment
For each experiment, answer the questions about the criteria and faith in success before implementing it, and note the conclusion after

Success Criteria

What value of which metric will mean the success of the experiment?
Ex: Increase Conversion Rate to 12%, 200 New Users

Confidence Rate

Why should this work out? What underlies the experiment?
Ex: Analytical data, Surveys, Previous experiment…


How close is the result to Success Criteria? Why did you get it?
What things became clear that weren't obvious before?
3. Connect quantitative data
Attach more than 130+ metrics from 15+ data sources in a couple of clicks so the whole team could track the experiments and draw the right conclusions
Google Analytics
Advertising Platforms
Analytics Tools
A/B Testing Tools
Social Networks
4. Fill the growth history of your organization
As a result, you will have a history of all experiments with connected metrics and conclusions made by the team

Don’t spend time on data collection

Average marketing team spends up to 10 hours a week processing results of their efforts. Now they don’t need more than 15 min/week on that.

Become truly data-driven

You are data-driven if every one of your tasks and experiments is connected with a particular metric.
We all tend to assess the results by eye, since analyzing them is too routine and boring.

Make more right decisions

If we know for sure what result each task yielded in the past, we’ll make right decisions in the future. Verify your gut feeling by real numbers.
For Whom

Growth Teams

Run more experiments every week, accurately and quickly tracking them and their results.

Marketing Teams

Data-driven marketing means keeping all of your efforts outcomes measured. Create tasks tied to their results in 10 seconds.

Product Teams

Make only needed products and features, immediately measuring how each of your tasks changes users' behavior.

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